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Hi, I’m Sarah Conroy.

I offer a neuromusculoskeletal approach to chiropractic care with a focus on reducing stress.
I incorporate therapeutic moist heat, essential oils, and yoga therapy to my chiropractic sessions in additional to helping patients of all ages reduce physical, emotional, chemical stressors in their everyday lives.
I work closely with our massage therapists as I
believe the most therapeutic approach to relieving pain and stress within the body is through our Combo therapy (chiropractic adjustments + massage).
Additionally I am passionate about nutrition and exercise. I love swimming weekly with the Masters Swim Group at the Sisters Athletic Club. I am happy to share and coach how I successfully lost 80 pounds after each pregnancy (and continue to keep it off) through nutrition and exercise.
In addition to exploring the Metolius basin near  my home in Camp Sherman, I love to casually write.

I look forward to meeting you.

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In addition to providing back pain relief, as a chiropractor I’m able to treat a variety of symptoms and illnesses.

Hip Pain
Arthritis pain relief
Lower back pain treatment
Tension headache treatment
Cluster headache treatment
Migraine headache treatment
Back adjustment
And more chiropractic-care solutions.