For Rent???

For Rent???

If you’ve been in lately or have driven by the office, you’ve likely seen the  big “for rent signs” in the windows.

We are currently looking for renters to take over our space because we are growing and simply need more space and a space more conducive to multiple practitioners (more sound proof).

We have one more year left in our current lease and could very well be in our space a while longer. However if we find a renter to take over the rest of our lease, we can move sooner.

We have already picked out our new space and are getting very excited to make it our own.

We will be moving to the space next to Dr. Rheuben’s dental clinic, 304 W. Adams. (behind High Lakes).

So don’t worry…we are growing and NOT going out of business.

and if you happen to know of someone looking for office space in Sisters, ours is available!!