Dear Congressman Walden,

August 6, 2019

Dear Congressman Walden,

As one of your constituents, I live in Camp Sherman (Jefferson Co) and am in private practice as a Chiropractic Physician in Sisters (Deschutes), I can no longer sit silently. I have to ask:

Congressman, what are you going to take a stand for to keep the people of Oregon safe from domestic terrorism by the far-right, far-left?

Since 9-11, the number of people that have been killed on US soil as a result of Islamic related terrorism is now similar to the amount of people killed as a result of hate.

Congressman, what are you going to do about battling hate and racism in your counties?(as you know, Oregon has a tainted history with people of color. Racism is visible and widespread in Central Oregon). I believe the only way to do this is in schools and community awareness (people in positions like mine can help) Parents pass down their hate to their children. Racism is alive throughout your counties.

What are you going to do to keep ALL of us safe, women, children, people of color, migrants, immigrants?We ALL live here and contribute to the economy and wellbeing of our communities.

What are you going to do about the crisis…the crisis of white males ages 16-25 (the demographic of almost all of the mass shooters over the years)? What are you going to do to ensure this specific group gets the mental health they need to rid their minds of hate? What is going on with white males ages 16-25 in our country? It’s a crisis.

Will you reach out to other Republicans, Republicans like Mc. Connell and say ENOUGH. The NRA has way too much power and our citizens are dying as a result. Innocents. CHILDREN. Big Pharma is finally getting their due for their contribution to the opioid crisis. Their marketing, their fake research to physicians, to the public. They are getting their due for contributing to death, addiction, sucking of resources to pay for all of this devastation, all of this addiction. NOW IT’s TIME for the NRA to be reprimanded for their marketing, targeting marketing to haters, haters that are white and are male.

And it’s not about being pro gun or anti-gun. Can’t we agree (and maybe you can help educate) people on the many shades of gray, that are possible.

Maybe YOU can bring people to the table to actually have conversations about solutions, rather than just putting up with the status quo and Mc Connell’s obstructions.

I know it’s time. We have a crisis now that there is very little hope of stopping if some wise politicians don’t take a stand, NOW. Will you be one of them?

Give the FBI all of the money and resources it needs to fight domestic terrorism(the same as what has been used to combat Islamic extremism)on our soil.

Give schools funding to weed out and treat HATE brewing among students. Can’t we treat it like measles..? There isn’t a vaccine for this HATE. It will take A Lot of money and trained teachers and experts. But it will be worth it. These are your people, Congressman, ALL of the people of Central Oregon. We have yet to have a mass shooting, but do not think for one second that it won’t happen here. It just hasn’t happened yet.

That’s why I am writing you today. I think YOU can take steps to keep us Oregonians safer. I think YOU have more power than you realize to take a stand, over party lines, for what’s right for us in Oregon and what’s right for our country. Will you publicly take a stand against hate and hate language used by politicians in places of power?

Are you willing to take a stand against hate and racism from the far -right (even though you might loose some long time voters in exchange for new ones?).

I am writing this to you BEFORE Central Oregon experiences such a tragedy.

You as our elected official in Washington, must take this seriously. The blood will be on your hands too, if you don’t.

Oregonians are ready for ACTION-STEPS after these mass shootings. We are tired of the words, the same words. What actions will you take? It’s time to act before it’s too late.

Respectfully yours,

A bit about me and my history with guns…

I don’t really have a history. I did not grow up in a household with any guns. As far as I know, none of my blood relatives have guns. It’s not been a part of my family heritage. I married an Oregon boy and we have an antique family heirloom gun in the house…I realize that this leaves me naive in many ways, I realize I need to commit to a gun safety class.

I live in a community where the majority of my neighbors, friends, and patients have guns in the home, most having many many more than one. Most I would say have mini to large arsenals..20-100 guns or more.

Some just love guns, for some it’s a sport, for hunting, for some it’s a hobby, a collection…I don’t know…you tell me all of the reasons folks have guns..?

I do not judge them and I do not want their guns taken away.

We can have respectful conversations about…hey…just checking that your guns are locked up, before our kids play? no offense…I am keeping my kid AND your kid safe by simply asking…It’s similar to saying (in a way) you leave open containers of poisonous cleaning supplies in your kids play rooms…(no I am guessing…it’s simple safety).

But can we all agree that it is getting out of control. Too many guns are in the hands of those that should loose the privilege of gun ownership due to decisions they’ve made that make them a threat to all of us. Can’t we all agree that some people just should not own weapons of mass destruction?

I know people in my community, friends, neighbors, patients own these same weapons of mass destruction (the ones that fire so many rounds so unbelievable fast). Am I afraid. no. I trust these people. They are responsible gun owners. I also know that they would only point these at another human if they were given absolutely no other choice out of protection of self and loved ones.

I am not requesting that they turn in their guns. But it’s up to you. Maybe you can start some town halls and start asking your constituents, gun owners, what they see as a solution? Maybe You can get them to come together. The gun owners and industry leaders need to be the ones to come up with these solutions. Enough is Enough. Get them to turn away from black and white thinking…guns or no guns towards various shades of gray.

I am independent. I am not Democrat or Republican . I vote for candidates that stand for my values. Family, Women, Unity, Community, Safety, Environment.

Let’s say the tables were turned. (none of this is true…just let’s imagine) Let’s say that President Obama used racial motivated language to appeal to the black-power movement. Let’s say these folks involved with black-power started to print their manifestos, using language used by the president, and then went out and committed mass shootings. What would have happened?

IT WOULD HAVE BEEN STOPPED. Period, In it’s tracks, the FBI would have been in every community in America big and small..working to STOP hate fast, before it was given any more momentum or fuel.

President Obama would have been called out on it and would have been punished for promoting, instigating hate and violence.

It would have been STOPPED.

Now that’s it’s whites, why isn’t it being stopped?

Why Congressman is it not being stopped? NOW.

Why isn’t the FBI sussing out every corner of American, targeting the mass shooting group demographic…WHITE MEN ages 16-25. WHY ISN”T THIS HAPPENING?

I’m afraid…you might not fully understand that while whites are heavily armed, so are people of color, so are people of every race and nationality in America. They are educated. They are listeners, observers and readers. They are also armed. They are waiting, they are watching to see what you are going to do about this one too!

What, Mr. Congressman, will YOU stand for?