My Background & Philosophy of Care

Okay, I admit it. I wasn’t always into being healthy. I was very much raised in the medical model. What pill did I need to take to “fix” me?

It was not until my undergraduate days at the University of Wisconsin- Madison, that I began to question this model. I took a break from my pre-med studies and studied abroad in Costa Rica.

There, studying ecology and the natural world I realized how much we as humans are a part of it. In fact, within us, we have an entire ecosystem of cells made up of billions of cells that are designed to be in perfect balance all of the time, just like nature. And things like poor diet, poor movement and mental stress take us out of that balanced state and lead us down a path of disease. 

This is when I decided I wanted to focus my career on helping people get back to this balanced state that our bodies want to be in. I wanted to focus on prevention and give people their fullest health potential and chiropractic was the perfect fit.

While there is a time for drugs and surgery, I wanted my focus to be elsewhere. I wanted my patients to actually be well, not just experience sickness less.

I have noticed first hand how much more balanced I felt after receiving chiropractic care. My mind was clearer, my digestion better, my immune system stronger (no more drugs) and my body was better able to handle the physical demands I placed on it athletically with ease. No, this did not happen overnight. But it did happen.

Now I am happy to report that my parents, brother, sister, nieces, nephews, aunts and uncles are all experiencing the benefits of chiropractic care. I wish my grandparents had know about chiropractic care. Maybe they would have lived longer and suffered less.


Education and Career Information

1997 University of Wisconsin-Madison BA Psychology and Biology

2002 University of Western States, Portland, OR, Chiropractic degree with honors

2003 Owner of West Hills Chiropractic Clinic, NW Portland, OR

2009 Flying Doctors of America Medical Mission trip to Peru bringing Chiropractic care, medical care and dental care to villages deep in the Andes outside of Cusco.

2014 Completed 200 hour toga teacher training and 85 hour pre and post natal yoga teacher training, Portland, OR

2016 joined Ann Griffin DC of Bigfoot Wellness, Sisters, OR

I continue to maintain a practice in Portland, my first practice, by seeing patients once per month at West Hills Chiropractic Clinic in the Cedar Mill area.

I am a long time member of the Oregon Chiropractic Association.

Continuing Education

I continue to educate myself so I can give my patients the best. Since graduating from chiropractic college, I have taken over 200 hours of continuing education in the science of human wellness, over 50 hours in sports related injury assessment, and over 200 hours in pediatric and prenatal chiropractic care through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (

Mamas & Children
I have extra education caring for pregnant women and children and am a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, and am Webster technique certified.
I greatly enjoy working with babies, mamas, and families needing extra help with nursing and other challenges during this time of great transition.

Human Wellness & Potential
Additionally I have over 200 hours of post-graduate training in the science of human wellness and potential including nutrition, natural supplementation and movement.
In 2014, I completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training and 85 hour pre and post natal teacher training, to make yoga more accessible to more people. I currently teach a weekly class,  Wednesdays at 5:30pm, at the Camp Sherman Community Hall and have plans to bring community classes to Sisters.
Sacro-Occipital Technique
 I currently am studying Sacro-Occipital technique at the University of Western States. This technique is a gentle chiropractic technique involving cranial work similar to cranio-sacral therapy. It also involves balancing acute and chronic pelvic pain in gentle effective therapeutic ways.

Family and Free Time

I live in Camp Sherman with my husband Gavin Ferguson, daughters Mia (6), Ayla (1) and 3 dogs.

We spend our free time outdoors, hiking, skiing, fishing and playing.

I absolutely love living in Sisters Country. This is my home.